Visual Surface Inspection

The high sensitivity of Radiant ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers makes them capable of detecting cosmetic flaws on non-lit surfaces using the same principles of photopic measurement used for illuminated components and displays. Randomly-occurring scratches, dings, and dents can be detected on consumer electronics and other high-value products using our extremely high-resolution integrated inspection systems.

Consumer Electronics

Quality Inspection on Notebook and Tablet PC Cases

Customers of today’s consumer electronics expect a flawless product out of the box. Scratched, dented, and otherwise flawed products result in costly returns and may damage a brand’s 

reputation and future business. Radiant offers complete CCD-based camera systems to locate and characterize randomly-occurring defects on PC chassis. Utilizing the extensive toolset available in our TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software platform, these systems can simultaneously perform inspections including part orientation, assembly verification, fit and finish analysis, and label legibility, eliminating the need for a separate machine vision system on the line.


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