Tech Tips and Tricks

Posted: Mon, May 4, 2020
Author: Anne Corning & Shaina Warner

Instrument clusters, symbols (tell-tales), and indicators on the dashboard of an automobile are crucial for the safety and performance of the vehicle. Learn about industry standards and regulations for the visual appearance and illumination of these elements, and how Radiant's Auto-POI tool can automate multi-point inspection for production measurement of color and luminance to help automakers ensure compliance with these standards.

Posted: Mon, October 21, 2019
Author: Anne Corning

The invention of the electric light bulb changed the world, enabling human activity to continue 24 hours a day in all ambient conditions. Today, the lighting design industry is adopting Human Centered Lighting approaches, and considering ergonomics, health and safety, aesthetics, and more. For lighting designers, measuring luminance and color temperature are key to meeting the needs of any environment to optimize human productivity and well being. Learn about tools to capture photometric data and generate IES and EULUMDAT (LDT) files for use with most optical design software packages.

Posted: Fri, December 1, 2017
Author: Tevin Donyes

The automotive industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world. In order to keep up with the increasingly strict safety standards, manufacturers are in need of equipment with higher accuracy than ever before. Using Radiant’s “Points of Interest” tool in our ProMetric® Software, combined with a high-resolution ProMetric I-series Imaging Colorimeter, automotive manufacturers and suppliers can easily measure an entire headlamp beam distribution in a matter of seconds.

data transfer with ethernet connection
Posted: Wed, June 14, 2017
Author: Ashley Knutson

Radiant imaging colorimeters are sophisticated precision tools that allow users to collect mountains of data, but that much data can take time to transfer. USB 2.0 ports are only able to transfer a maximum of 480 mb per second, whereas an Ethernet connection can transfer up to 1 gb per second.  That’s a big difference! So why not increase your transfer speed by using your ethernet connection?

Recalibrating a Camera
Posted: Thu, April 27, 2017
Author: Bret Stonebridge

When you drive a new car off the lot, you expect that it will require periodic maintenance throughout its lifetime to ensure it performs at its very best. Much like a car or other sophisticated machinery, we recommend regular recalibrations of your Radiant colorimeters and photometers. Recalibration finetunes the camera to ensure continued operation within our specifications and tolerances. Neglecting regular recalibration for long periods of time can result in debris and dust particles in the camera, dead pixels, out of spec performance, and moisture retention.