See it at APEX: The ‘Missing Piece’ in Automated Assembly Verification

Anne Corning

To succeed in the electronics industry, you have to stay at the forefront of technology. The annual IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego is the place to be this week (Feb 27-March 1) if you want to see the latest product developments for PCB and electronic device manufacturing, and solutions that give manufacturers an edge in productivity and quality.

One of the solutions that will be on display at the show is Radiant’s new INSPECT.assembly™ system, a turnkey inline assembly verification station that automates the process of complex component inspection. To help solve your toughest inspection challenges, the system leverages the same photometry-based imaging technology used in our leading light measurement systems—offering the resolution, dynamic range, and scientific calibration that enables automated detection of the most obscure errors that may lead to product failure.

The station includes a ProMetric® Imaging Photometer or Colorimeter, bright field lighting, and pre-configured inspection software. The INSPECT.assembly occupies the same footprint as a human inspector on the line, and can be easily added to inspection stations or moving conveyers to accommodate real-time inspection. The system provides greater accuracy and repeatability than human inspectors or traditional machine vision systems alone, catching assembly errors that can be missed by humans and vision systems, or even pass functional test.

Each INSPECT.assembly solution is pre-configured with inspection parameters for each part to be inspected, offering a manufacturer-specific solution rather than a one-size-fits-all vision system. Software tests designed by Radiant’s advanced vision engineers combine several machine vision algorithms to perform thorough inspections against extremely specific tolerances. These tests detect improper routing of cables, loose connectors, and missing or improperly seated screws to a level of precision that exceeds human visual capability, catching imperfections that may result in failures if components shift, loosen, or are damaged during device use.

Here’s a sneak peek of the INSPECT.assembly system in action:

To see the system get put through its paces, stop by booth #3815 at IPC APEX EXPO this week for a live demonstration, and talk to our experts about how Radiant’s advanced vision technology can solve the unsolvable inspection problems in your production processes. INSPECT.assembly can help you increase efficiency and eliminate the subtle errors that lead to latent failures after devices have shipped.


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