When Perfection Matters: Using Photometry-based Imaging Systems for Cosmetic Surface Inspection

Tech Note

Today's electronics consumers expect a flawless device right out of the box. Scratches, dents, smudges or other imperfections can damage your brand's reputation or result in costly returns. Manufacturers typically rely on human inspectors for visual quality control, but they can be subject to fatigue and inconsistency. Radiant's surface inspection solutionpart of our photometry-based Advanced Vision suitecombines the speed and repeatability of automation with the acuity of true human vision.

In this technical note, you will learn:

  • Components of a photometry-based machine vision system
    • Scientific CCD imager
    • Sophisticated software algorithms
  • Benefits of photometry-based  "Just Noticeable Difference" evaluation for anomalous defects
  • Applications for particle inspect on or under glass
  • Capabilities of Radiant Advanced Vision solutions
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