SID Display Week 2019

San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA

When the world looks for the latest advances in electronic display technology … the world turns to Display Week, the largest technical symposium, business conference and exhibition in the Americas focused on emerging technologies, original value creation and commercialization in the electronic display industry. The Society for Information Display (SID) organizes this international event from Los Angeles, CA, USA, where display manufacturers gain a comprehensive view of trends in the display market, and ideas for future innovation.

From the Radiant booth, #1220, photometry-based imaging systems use light and color measurement technology engineered to simulate human visual perception to ensure the total quality of display devices from the inside out. Our ProMetric® CCD-based imaging colorimeters and photometers are calibrated for unique measurement parameters to capture and characterize the qualities of light with extreme precision, enabling light & color uniformity analysis, pixel-level defect detection, and correction processes like OLED demura (uniformity correction uniquely engineered for emissive OLED pixels). Radiant leverages the capability of light measurement technology for its high precision and uniformity analysis to enable advanced visual inspection applications such as assembly verification for internal component integrity, as well as surface inspection for detecting and quantifying unknown defects in unknown locations (such as scratches, dents, debris, and other cosmetic surface anomalies). See live demonstrations of our light measurement suite alongside our new assembly and surface inspection systems from our booth.