Creating IES Files for Luminaires and Lighting Fixtures

Learn how light source measurement data is recorded using Radiant imaging colorimeters paired with ProMetric® PM-NFMS™ Software to create and export IES data files. These files can be interpreted by light measurement equipment for precise characterization of the ideal light intensity distribution produced by light sources like luminaires and lighting fixtures.

In this 30 minute webinar, the Radiant product team presents solutions for creating IES files and demonstrates the process of analyzing light measurement data and exporting IES files using ProMetric Software. Topics include:

  • What solutions are available? From conventional goniophotometry to Near-Field Measurement Systems.
  • How are measurements collected?
  • What types of data can be acquired? Comparing Near- and Far-Field data.
  • Hardware & software demo
  • What about LM-79?
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