Display Week Symposium: Technical Presentation - Session 71.1, Spatial Uniformity

Online Conference
Event Date:  
Thursday, August 6, 2020

Event Time:  
7:00am - 5:00pm  PDT

As part of this year's virtual Display Week Symposium, Radiant CEO Doug Kreysar will present a technical paper during Session 71: Spatial Uniformity broadcasting online Thursday, August 6. The technical paper "Fractional Pixel Method for Improved Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction (Demura) of High-Resolution Displays" presents a new method for display pixel registration and measurement that significantly improves measurement results for display qualification and—importantly—the calculation of pixel luminance values for display uniformity correction. The paper will include test results demonstrating the method's accuracy for pixel-level luminance measurement when using image-based metrology systems whose sensor resolution is much lower than the resolution of the measured display. The data obtained with these systems using a fractional pixel method will be shown to be a close match to data obtained using an extremely high-resolution imaging system for pixel-level measurement.

Display Week Symposium 2020 will be fully virtual - join us online to hear about new display measurement methods.

Session 71: Spatial Uniformity
Watch Online Thursday, August 6, 2020
Fractional Pixel Method for Improved Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction (Demura) of High-Resolution Displays
Doug Kreysar (Presenter), Gary Pedeville, Joshua Rouse
Radiant Vision Systems   

As display resolution and pixel density rapidly increase, measuring characteristics (luminance, color) of individual display pixels becomes more difficult for current imaging technology. This paper describes a method of display pixel measurement using fractional image-sensor pixels to accurately measure values for emissive (OLED, microLED) display qualification and demura.