Imaging Colorimeters & Photometers

Calibrated to replicate human photopic response to brightness and color, Radiant ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers are CCD-based camera systems designed to make precise, spatial measurements of luminance and chromaticity. These systems are used to design and qualify light-emitting elements and devices according to how they will be visually experienced by human users.

ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeters

ProMetric I  imaging colorimeters solutions from Radiant Vision Systems are purpose-built for high-volume manufacturing of displays, illuminated keyboards, and lighting products. The high-resolution CCD is ideal for applications requiring very fine spatial resolution.

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ProMetric® Y Imaging Photometers

ProMetric Y is the newest family of high-performance imaging photometers from Radiant. ProMetric Y is designed for high-volume production testing of displays, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, keyboards, and lighting products.

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FPD Conoscope Lens

The flat panel display (FPD) conoscope lens mounts directly to the ProMetric Y Imaging Photometer or ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter, enabling view angle performance testing. It lets you take high-resolution photopic measurements of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast of displays and display components.

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AR/VR Lens

The Radiant Vision Systems AR/VR lens has a unique optical design specially engineered for measuring near-eye displays (NEDs), such as those integrated into virtual (VR), mixed (MR), and augmented reality (AR) headsets. The lens design simulates the size, position, and field of view of the human eye, enabling positioning of the imaging system’s entrance pupil within NED headsets.

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Microscope Lens

The Microscope Lens enables high-resolution imaging of extremely small components and features, such as individual LEDs, display pixels, and subpixels. Utilized with Radiant ProMetric or TrueTest™ Software, the Microscope Lens provides a compact and efficient photometric measurement solution for controlling the visual quality of displays and other devices.

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NIR Intensity Lens

The Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens system is an integrated camera/lens solution that measures the angular distribution and radiant intensity of near-infrared (NIR or near-IR) emitters. The NIR Intensity Lens system utilizes Fourier optics to capture a full cone of data in a single measurement to ±70 degrees, giving you extremely fast, accurate results ideal for in-line quality control.

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