Radiant develops sophisticated imaging technologies to solve challenging applications in light measurement, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality for the world’s leading industrial OEMs and suppliers. We provide a broad range of high-precision automated visual inspection solutions for a variety of design and production settings. When customers expect perfection, you can rely on Radiant for test systems that meet your unique R&D, quality assurance, and production needs.

Light & Color Measurement: We provide innovative solutions for light and display testing to the consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, AR/VR and lighting industries, helping manufacturers of high-value devices to improve supply chain performance, reduce production costs, and ensure a flawless end product. Simulating the human eye’s response to visible light and color, Radiant’s CCD-based imaging photometers and colorimeters offer superior accuracy for testing displays (LCD, LED, OLED), backlit components, light sources, and luminaires.

Advanced Vision: Based on photometric imaging principles for light measurement, our sophisticated imaging technologies and software algorithms offer groundbreaking capabilities that go beyond traditional machine vision systems when used for inspection of non-illuminated devices. Ideal for high-precision assembly (e.g., verifying component presence and placement), cosmetic surface inspection, and particle inspection, Radiant’s Advanced Vision solutions surpass the acuity of human inspectors, while offering quantifiable data at automation speeds. With high-resolution and a broad dynamic-range, our imaging systems can help you achieve absolute product integrity while improving throughput, increasing inspection accuracy, reducing escapes, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Light & Color Measurement

Photometric imaging systems capable of absolute light and color measurement for displays, light sources, and illuminated components

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Advanced Vision Solutions

Imaging systems uniquely capable of detecting small, subtle, and unpredictable flaws in complex assemblies and surfaces

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