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Light & color
Advanced vision

New TT-AutomotiveDisplay Software

Our Best Tests for Ensuring Automotive Display Quality

New TT-AutomotiveDisplay software module packages a powerful test suite including brightness, color, uniformity, contrast, Black Mura Gradient, image sticking, anti-glare sparkle, and more...


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New Near-Infrared Intensity Lens

NEW: ProMetric® Y43 Imaging Photometer

Our new imaging system uses a scientific-grade, thermo-electrically cooled CCD with 43MP resolution to get high quality images that provide the ultimate precision for display pixel measurement, surface inspection, and more.


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Seminar: Light and Color Measurement

Infographic: The Principles of Light & Color Measurement

A useful reference for terminology regarding light and color metrology, CIE chromaticity diagrams, the human photopic response, and calculating color values using CIE Color Matching Functions.


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