PM-KB™ Illuminated Keyboard Testing Software


PM-KB is a dedicated, turnkey system for automated visual inspection of illuminated keyboards

Illuminated keyboards and keypads can exhibit variations in brightness and color from key to key, and even within keys, that are noticeable to the end-user. This can detract from the user experience and, in extreme cases, these variations may strongly impact product usability. A member of the Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Software family, the PM-KB system combines application-specific software and a ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer to perform rapid, automated visual inspection of backlit keyboards and keypads for character luminance and chromaticity, as well as overall keyboard luminance and color uniformity. PM-KB also provides optical character recognition (OCR), allowing the software to determine the key caps are installed correctly and that each key is in its proper location. PM-KB is a dedicated testing system and is easy to set-up and operate.

PM-KB uses a ProMetric imager to test all keys and characters simultaneously, capturing and processing data much faster and more consistently than a human inspector or a spot measurement device.

Current Version:

Ver. 4.3.9

Supported Products:

System Requirements:

  • 3.0 GHz and 8 cores
  • 16-32 GB RAM
  • Windows® 7 ot 10, 64 bit
  • Dual-monitor video output
  • Ethernet 100/1000 or USB 2.0

Multiple testing options

PM-KB allows users to define a complete set of measurement conditions and pass/fail criteria for specific points of interest on any keyboard or keypad, including:

  • the total number of allowed individual character failures;
  • the minimum luminance uniformity between characters;
  • the maximum color difference between characters (when color is measured).

Different keyboard models are stored individually and can be automatically applied based on the model being tested to simplify switching between multiple models. All test parameters and pass/fail criteria are set on installation and are protected from change under ordinary operations.

Designed for high-volume manufacturing

On the production line, PM-KB presents a simple, easy-to-use interface with straight-forward test initiation commands and pass/fail indications. PM-KB can record device barcodes (or accept input from a production control system) as part of the testing process. Test reports can also be generated to preserve data for later examination.

To allow sequential testing of multiple keyboard or keypad models, PM-KB maintains a database of keyboard configurations, testing parameters, and keyboard-specific pass/fail criteria definitions. These can be quickly changed in production, making it simple to change models or pass/fail requirements. Unlike with human operators, no retraining is required!

To ensure line-to-line and location-to-location consistency, Radiant provides a special-purpose calibration light source for use with the PM-KB system, which ensures common calibrations between PM-KB and additional ProMetric products incorporated into the system.

Multiple system configurations

PM-KB systems can be configured with any ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer, providing multiple options to achieve the pixel resolution, dynamic range, and cost requirements for your application.

Supported by Radiant's global support staff and distributor network, PM-KB is field-proven and has been used to test millions of illuminated keyboards and keypads in high-value devices worldwide.