ProMetric® Y Imaging Photometers

ProMetric Y Imaging Photometers

Fast, small-format Photometers optimized for display test and cosmetic inspection in production environments.

ProMetric® Y is a series of high-performance imaging photometers designed for high-volume production testing of displays, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, keyboards, and lighting products.

ProMetric Y Family

The ProMetric Y delivers reliable test results and analysis to improve quality and control costs:

  • Faster measurements deliver shorter cycle times
  • Objective quantification is superior to subjective human inspection
  • Faster, more accurate test analysis improves yield

The ProMetric® Y2 uses a scientific-grade 2-megapixel (1600 x 1200) CCD sensor that is thermoelectrically cooled to provide accurate, repeatable 12-bit measurements. The Y16 provides more resolution with a 16-megapixel (4896 x 3264) CCD sensor. The Y29 provides even higher resolution with a 29-megapixel (6576 x 4384) CCD sensor. Each ProMetric Y supports high-speed USB and Ethernet communications.

Delivering Smart Technology™ innovations including:

  • Smart Control™ for fast, precise setup: Smart Control allows you to electronically adjust both focus and aperture settings of your lens.
  • Smart Calibration™ for automatic high-accuracy results: ProMetric Y offers a variety of electronically controlled lenses, each calibrated over a wide range of working distances and aperture settings. ProMetric Y monitors focal distance and aperture settings and automatically applies the correct flat field calibration, greatly simplifying setup and ensuring accurate measurement results.

For automated testing, ProMetric Y is optimized to work with the industry-leading TrueTest™ automated visual inspection and PM-KB™ Illuminated Keyboard Testing Software. This turn-key system is ideal for high-volume manufacturing of displays, smartphones, notebooks and more.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • High Speed: Minimum measurement time (photopic) to 0.3 seconds
  • High resolution, to 29 megapixels
  • IR measurements, using the IR-PMY2, IR-PMY16, and IR-PMY29 Radiometer models
  • Multiple lens options: 20 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm macro
  • ProMetric control and analysis software is standard. TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software and PM-KB Software are optional.

ProMetric software includes API support, and provides complete measurement control and Point-of-Interest/Region-of-Interest functionality. In addition, the ProMetric Y imaging photometers are backed by the industry's best product warranty, including direct access to the Radiant Vision Systems technical support team to maximize the utility of your application.

Display Test

Light Measurement

Keyboard Inspection