Photonics Spectra Conference 2021

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Event - Photonics Spectra Conference 2021

Since 1967, Photonics Spectra ( has covered the most important advances in lasers, optics, imaging, and spectroscopy. Photonics Spectra's inaugural online conference will feature over 60 presentations discussing the latest trends, technologies, and applications under four tracks—Lasers, Optics, Spectroscopy, and Biomedical Imaging. Stay up to date on the latest advances and emerging applications for photonic technologies and valuable information during this four-day virtual series of keynotes, educational presentations, and product showcases.

Join Radiant as we share the fundamentals of color vision science in the presentation "Colorimetry: A Primer on the Science of Color Measurement." This presentation takes place as part of the Optics track of Photonics Spectra Conference.

Colorimetry: A Primer on the Science of Color Measurement
Jessy Hosken, Product Engineer, Radiant Vision Systems
Join the broadcast Wed., January 20, 2021 - 2PM EST / 11AM PST

The human eye is a specially calibrated optical instrument. Our eyes have a unique response to different wavelengths of light — a response that builds our perception of color and influences our impression of light-emitting elements. Colorimetry, the science of color measurement, describes this response and captures color as meaningful data to guide human-centric design and evaluation of many of today's devices. This science brings together standard principles, formulas, and functions to create a universal color language. Colorimetry also enables machines that provide a means to extract objective and repeatable values from light to perform automated optical metrology and visual quality inspection based on color. Called colorimeters, the machines use scientific optical filters and calibrations that ensure measurement according to colorimetric principles. The machines enable manufacturers to best assess the visual quality of displays, illuminated components, and light sources as they are actually seen and experienced by users. Jessy Hosken presents the basic principles of colorimetry.

The conference takes place online January 19-22 and is free to register and attend.

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