SID Display Week

Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, CA, USA
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SID Display Week 2023

Display Week combines an exhibit, technical symposium, and business conference covering topics throughout electronic display technology. Taking place live in Los Angeles, Display Week 2023 will welcome thousands of attendees and host hundreds of the leading global innovators in electronics, extended reality (XR), wearables, automotive integrations... and beyond.

From booth 801 at the Display Week exhibition, Radiant will showcase its scientific ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers in demonstrations of display test and measurement. See the leading solutions for measuring luminance, chromaticity, contrast, uniformity, mura, defects, and pixel-level values to ensure perceptually perfect display devices from labs to production lines. High-resolution imaging systems with integrated tristimulus color filters provide an innately close spectral response to human vision based on standard CIE color-matching functions, capturing high-resolution full-color measurement images across millions of data points in seconds.

Radiant's award-winning products include cameras, lenses, and software packages that are combined to meet diverse requirements for automated visual inspection of consumer electronics, VR & AR headsets, head-up displays (HUD) & automotive integrations, subpixel uniformity for emissive displays (OLED, miniLED, microLED), and more. 

Visit Radiant at Booth 801 at Display Week Los Angeles, May 23-25.

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