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The Society for Information Display hosts the 30th annual Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium and Expo this fall, bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and thought leaders who are driving the market of vehicle display technology. Join the event to see presentations of the latest automotive cockpits, touchless controls, head-up displays, freeform optics, holography, smart surfaces, autonomous vehicle innovations, and more.

Radiant is a regular speaker and exhibitor at Vehicle Displays, where we share our expertise in scientific imaging and automated inspection solutions for automotive displays, lighting, and ADAS. Stop by booth 801 throughout the exhibition to see our measurement solutions in action.

Join us this year as we address the unique visual inspection challenges of pillar-to-pillar displays, presented by Andrew Munro.

Digital displays have become commonplace in automobiles over the past decade. Starting with simple GPS screens in the 1980s the market has expanded to include the wide variety of HMI displays for driver operation, infotainment, ADAS, and passenger use in the latest vehicle models. The next step in the digitization of the cockpit is the rise of pillar-to-pillar displays: continuous panels that stretch across the entire dashboard area. In fact, the large (>10”) smart display segment is predicted to grow faster than any other category of automotive display at a CAGR of 10.7% through 2030.

But with these visually exciting pillar-to-pillar displays come new inspection challenges that OEMs and panel makers must address. Typical low-to-medium resolution imaging systems (e.g., 12 MP) are no longer sufficient to measure the full-width aspect ratio of a dashboard to ensure uniformity across the entire display down to the individual pixel level. The curvature of these panels can also present a measurement challenge, and view angle performance must also be tested.

For pillar-to-pillar configurations that are composed of multiple smaller display screens behind a single glass cover panel, automakers also need to ensure a consistent appearance between sections while also validating that luminance, chromaticity, and other parameters meet regulatory requirements such as Black Mura. In this presentation, we will examine the quality inspection challenges and requirements of pillar-to-pillar displays such as luminance and color uniformity, mura, pixel defects, white point balance, haze, and black mura. We will discuss various approaches and methods that manufacturers can use to meet these new demands in the research engineering stage and on the production line to meet both regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

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