WEBINAR: Approaches to Solving Challenging Vision Inspection Problems

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Machine Vision systems provide an effective and efficient quality inspection method for many standard applications—including barcode scanning to parts counting, surface inspection, dimensional measurements, and optical character recognition. But some visual inspection needs cannot be readily met by standard machine vision solutions.

Challenging vision problems can include:

•    Applications that require high-resolution, high-sensitivity imaging
•    Applications that require precise color measurement of more than a single spot
•    Applications that require multi-factor image analysis and decision making

In this talk, Dr. Kostal will explain how the capabilities of photometric and colorimetric imaging systems can be used to solve these hard visual inspection problems. Photometric imaging systems provide the advantage of matching human visual perception of light and color—assessing product parameters just as the end customer will experience them—with high resolution and sensitivity. Using “Advanced Vision” solutions, manufacturers can:

•    Detect and quantify subtle, hard-to-see visual artifacts and determine if they are indeed defects
•    Inspect a part or area and detect small color (e.g., L*a*b*) deviations across the scene being imaged or versus a predefined reference
•    Combine a multiplicity of measurements and tests to better assess pass/fail conditions or process variations

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