Radiant Presents Alongside Automotive Industry Leaders at DVN Workshop on Safety Systems for Nighttime Driving

2021 DVN Workshop

REDMOND, Wash. – September 14, 2021 – Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for light sources and displays, announces that it will present at the 23rd DVN (Driving Vision News) Workshop titled “How to Save Lives in Nighttime Driving?” As part of Session 4 “Enhanced Safety by Driver Monitoring Systems,” Automotive Business Leader, Matt Scholz, will share Radiant’s expertise on near-IR measurement for light-based driver monitoring systems (DMS) alongside presentations by other innovators of in-vehicle sensing technology. The DVN Workshop will take place live in Novi, Michigan, U.S.A., from September 21-22. Radiant’s presentation takes place on Day 2 of the workshop (Wednesday, September 22) beginning at 8:30 A.M. Eastern Time.

For decades, Radiant Vision Systems has provided scientific imaging metrology systems to help automotive manufacturers characterize and qualify the properties of light emitted by lamps and light sources throughout the vehicle. Light-based sensing is a relatively new segment of automotive lighting, employing various wavelengths of light to detect and monitor occupants inside the car and objects outside. One notable example is LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) which uses near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths of light to sense objects outside of the vehicle and enable autonomous operations. NIR light is also well known for its application in facial recognition in smartphones or gesture recognition in applications like gaming. Because NIR wavelengths are invisible to the human eye (emitted above the 780-nanometer limit of the visible spectrum), NIR light does not impede visibility or interfere with device or vehicle operation. This, along with the growing number of useful applications of light-based sensing in consumer electronics, have made NIR light a predominant choice for in-vehicle sensing as well.

One category of in-vehicle sensing systems is DMS, which enhance vehicle safety by monitoring a driver’s attentiveness behind the wheel. The majority of DMS rely on NIR light sources, often integrated into the steering column or instrument panel to cast light on the driver’s face. Both NIR LEDs and lasers produce light to allow IR sensors in the DMS to “see” the driver’s gaze, position, and behavior. Qualities such as the angular distribution of light, the spot size, the radiant intensity, and the patterns produced by LED and laser light sources are critical to ensure functional performance of a DMS. These sources must be measured by the appropriate light measurement equipment (sensitive to NIR wavelengths) to assess their unique qualities and emission geometries. Often, different applications require different equipment.

At the live DVN Workshop, presenter Matt Scholz will discuss the unique applications of NIR light sources for DMS sensing and propose various light measurement solutions that can be used to ensure their performance. Scholz will review the differences between NIR LEDs and lasers and how metrology equipment is applied to quantify qualities such as intensity and power or evaluate thousands of emission points (structured light patterns) produced by diffracted lasers. Scholz will provide examples from Radiant’s portfolio of NIR light source measurement solutions and discuss equipment advantages for LEDs and lasers given different measurement needs and settings, including production-level test solutions that evaluate a source’s complete angular distribution in a single image.

Session 4 of the DVN Workshop will also include presentations from industry leaders Ansys, Grupo Antolin, Xperi, and Eyeris. Presenting for Radiant, Scholz brings over 10 years of experience working on automotive metrology applications with a fundamental understanding of the growing need for performance and quality control across displays, illuminated components, and sensing systems. He has led projects at all levels of the automotive supply chain from Tier 1, 2, and 3 vendors to major OEMs worldwide. Scholz shares his expertise in measurement by providing a consultative approach to system integration to ensure customer success.

Complete program and registration information for the DVN Workshop on September 21-22 can be found at www.drivingvisionnews.com/boutique/workshops/dvn-workshop-21-22-september-2021. For more information about Radiant, visit www.RadiantVisionSystems.com.

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