The "Eyes" Have It: Matching Human Visual Perception

Mon, July 9, 2018
Anne Corning  | 

Human visual perception is the ultimate standard of quality for any lighting or display product that’s intended to be viewed by humans. No machine vision or other sensing system has been able to fully replicate the level of discernment and accuracy of the human eye, but we can get very close using CCD-based imaging technology. A calibrated imaging colorimeter with a CCD sensor offers a near-match to the precision and sensitivity of human vision, and can provide absolute measurements of light and color.

What’s more, CCD imaging systems provide the repeatability, speed, and data capture necessary for automated visual inspection and quality control on the production line. In applications where quality is paramount, photometry-based technology adds the most value in terms of R&D, end-product quality, and improved yield. It has broad application in display testing, surface and particle inspection, measuring light sources and luminaires, testing head-up and augmented reality displays, and device assembly verification. Radiant discusses how CCD-based systems work, and explores various application of the technology in our article published this month in Quality Magazine. Read the article…