electronic displays Conference 2019

Nürnbergmesse, Nuremberg, Germany
Event Date:  
Wednesday, February 27, 2019  - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Event Time:  
9:30am -  5:00pm  CET

The electronic displays Conference is a major forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, developments, and research projects in the area of today’s and future display business. Display manufacturers are challenged to improve their products with new technology that continues to meet the evolving expectations of their consumer base. Not only must a display have the most advanced specifications, but as a visually-experienced medium the display must outrank its competitive products in terms of quality. As the leader in electronic display test and measurement, Radiant Vision Systems continues to advanced its imaging systems and software to meet the latest challenges for the range of display technologies including LCD, LED, OLED, projection, and emerging technologies like mini- & microLED and QLED. Our systems replicate human visual perception using high-resolution CCD imaging paired with tristimulus filters and extensive calibration, capturing and evaluating display quality to the same standards as a human observer. This ensures device characterization and quality control that is consistently in-line with the user experience, regardless of display type or integration. 

At this year's electronic displays Conference, Radiant engineers will present considerations for imaging systems for measuring pixel and sub-pixel elements of the most pixel-dense displays, such as OLED and microLED—particularly focusing on differences in image noise, resolution, and dynamic range between today's CMOS and CCD systems. The accuracy of measurements at this scale is paramount to understanding how to correct low-output emitters to ensure display uniformity and limit production cost and waste. Join the conference program on Wednesday 27 February at 1:35 PM as Radiant's engineering team presents "Understanding Imaging System Specifications for Pixel-Level Measurmenet of Displays" from edC 2019.