Technical Presentation: Methods for Measuring Small Defects in Curved Displays - Vehicle Displays Detroit

Burton Manor Conference Center, Livonia, Michigan
Event Date:  
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Event Time:  
9:30am - 10:00am  EDT

As part of the SID Vehicle Displays Technical Program (Sept 24-25, Livonia, MI), Radiant will give a presentation on measurement solutions for curved displays as part of Session 5 on Metrology. Radiant Automotive Business Leader Matt Scholz will lead Session 5.5 to present the content of his technical paper “Methods for Measuring Small Defects in Curved Displays: Evaluating Approaches and System Specifications,” which summarizes the results of several lab tests evaluating the effectiveness of various methods to detect common display defects on a display with a 1500 millimeter (1500R) radius of curvature. In his presentation, Scholz will offer alternatives to traditional FPD testing (unique system settings, imaging techniques, and analysis methods) that optimize the accuracy and efficiency of detecting display defects on a curve. Scholz will present recommendations from Radiant’s lab testing during Session 5.5 on September 25 from 9:35 A.M. to 9:55 A.M., with an opportunity for audience questions following the presentation.