Webinar: Next Generation Optical Technologies Require Next Generation Metrology Equipment

Event Date:  
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Event Time:  
10:30am - 11:30am  CEST

Optical technologies are being integrated into our daily lives more and more—to enable us to perform tasks safely, comfortably, and with sufficient information.

Consider our cars—these new "display devices" are fully equipped with screens in novel curved or freeform shapes, presenting content on demand; or in head-up displays (HUDs), providing navigational guidance integrated directly into the driver's view of the road ahead. In addition, commercial displays and smartphones can be found in every household, with apps that simplify daily struggles. We expect all of these devices to work perfectly, with bright colors, high contrast, and zero visible defects.

The human eye is a very sensitive device, and customers' standards of quality in all sectors continues to increase due to the spread of next-gen consumer electronics. For this reason, high-precision inspection devices need to be applied for outgoing quality control and R&D in order to deliver a satisfying end-consumer product. However, increasingly complicated product shapes and types bring new challenges when it comes to measurement.

Join a webinar for an overview of Radiant Vision Systems imaging devices and analysis software, dedicated to optical display measurement in R&D and end-of-line applications. A follow-up discussion will follow the 45-minute presentation.