Automated Visual Inspection for Automotive Flat Panel Displays


The demand for perfection in consumer electronics displays is now reaching the automotive market as display technologies such as in-dash LCD screens and heads-up displays are becoming the latest standard feature in today's vehicles. To make the sale and build the brand in the automotive market, perfect displays are required. “Escapes” of low-quality displays into the supply chain as the result of unreliable human inspection processes can spell disaster for a manufacturer's efficiency and competitive edge. Unlike human inspectors, automated visual inspection systems offer simple, turnkey hardware/software solutions that perform objective light and color measurements, capturing and eliminating both illuminated and costmetic defects of automotive displays for reliable quality levels and ultimate customer satisfaction.

In this Presentation, you will learn about:

  • Why Display Quality is Critical to Flat Panel Displays (FPDs)
  • Methods of FPD Inspection
  • Different Types of Mura
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