From Materials to Module Assembly: Applications of Automated Visual Inspection in the FPD Supply Chain


The use of imaging systems for quality inspection of finished display devices is well documented, but applications for this powerful technology extend further up the supply chain - from inspection of raw materials, to quality testing in cell and module assembly. Learn how automated visual inspection with our Prometric® family of imaging colorimeters and TrueTest™ software can be implemented at key points of the manufacture process to ensure quality, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs across the FPD supply chain.

In this 30 minute webinar, Radiant's Application Engineering Manager, Eric Eisenberg, walks through a typical display manufacture process and details some of the upstream applications for automated visual inspection that are delivering a competitive advantage to suppliers and brand owners alike, including:

  • Particle detection in glass and film
  • Uniformity testing in backlight units (BLUs)
  • Inspection for mura and other defects in the cell and module assembly processes.

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