WEBINAR: Addressing the Unique Visual Inspection Challenges of Pillar-to-Pillar Displays

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An emerging trend in automotive cockpit design is pillar-to-pillar (P2P) displays: continuous panels that stretch across the full dashboard. The large (>10”) automotive smart display segment is expected grow rapidly at 10.7% CAGR through 2030. 

But with these visually exciting displays come new inspection challenges that OEMs and panel makers must address, and which exceed the capabilities of some traditional display metrology systems. These new inspection challenges include:

  • Measuring the full-width aspect ratio of a dashboard to ensure uniformity 
  • Performing accurate inspection of curved P2P panels to identify defects 
  • Assessing view angle performance for driver and passengers

For P2P configurations that are composed of multiple smaller display screens behind a single glass cover panel, automakers also need to ensure a consistent appearance between sections from different suppliers. 

In this webinar hosted by GlobalSpec, Radiant’s Andrew Munro examines emerging P2P quality challenges and discusses various approaches for evaluating luminance, chromaticity, mura, pixel defects, white point balance, haze, and other performance parameters. He’ll explore methods manufacturers can use in the research engineering stage and on the production line to meet brand quality benchmarks, satisfy customer expectations, and ensure compliance with regulations such as Black Mura.

Key takeaways:

  • Review the market trends behind pillar-to-pillar (P2P) displays, from the digital cockpit to emissive display technologies to EVs.
  • Learn how increasing display size creates new quality issues and understand the unique inspection challenges presented by large format and P2P displays
  • Explore novel approaches and methods for evaluating the quality and performance of P2P displays to minimize defects, ensure uniformity, conform to regulatory requirements and meet customer expectations.

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