Patented Technologies

Invention is the result of trial and success over the endeavor to solve unanswered challenges. Since 1992, Radiant Vision Systems has built a legacy of innovation through the pursuit of solutions that address the most challenging customer requirements, and the effective application of our scientific expertise in physics and engineering, including optics, imaging, processing, and software. Radiant continues to pioneer new and innovative technology for automated visual inspection through the course of specifying solutions that address customer projects with the most advanced optical needs, deriving our industry leadership from passion, persistence, and adaptive engineering that enables new horizons in industrial development and production.

Radiant Vision Systems has patented several technologies, including these listed below.

 Issue DatePatent No.TitleInventorRelated Product
January 7, 202010,527,557Adaptive Diffuse Illumination Systems and Methods

Mark Michniewicz,
Andrew Blowers

September 15, 20159,135,851Methods and Systems for Measuring and Correcting Electronic Visual DisplaysRonald Rykowski
July 9, 20138,482,652Imaging Devices with Components for Reflecting Optical Data and Associated Methods of Use and ManufactureDouglas Kreysar, Ronald Rykowski, Richard Albrecht
September 11, 20128,264,613Methods and Systems for Correcting Streaming Video SignalsScott Harris, Tyler Harris, Ronald F. Rykowski
August 9, 20117,995,098Systems and Methods for Measuring Spatial and Angular Performance of a Visual DisplayGary Pedeville, Ronald Rykowski
  • PM-NFMS™
March 22, 20117,911,485Method and Apparatus for Visual Display Calibration SystemRonald F. Rykowski, Jeffery Scott Harris
March 15, 20117,907,154Method and Apparatus for On-Site Calibration of Visual DisplaysRonald F. Rykowski, Richard E. Albrecht
April 13, 20107,697,060Rotary Shutter Assemblies for Imaging Photometers and Methods for Using Such Shutter AssembliesDoug Kreysar, Matthew Lekson, Ronald Rykowski, Richard Albrecht
November 10, 20097,616,314Methods and Apparatuses for Determining a Color Calibration for Different Spectral Light Inputs in an Imaging Apparatus MeasurementDouglas Kreysar, Matthew Lekson, Gary Pedeville
July 1, 20087,394,540Methods and Apparatuses for Applying Different Color Calibrations at Different Locations in an Imaging Photometer MeasurementMatthew Lekson, David R. Jenkins
March 14, 20067,012,633Color Calibration Method for Imaging Color Measurement DeviceDavid Jenkins
January 3, 20066,982,744Multi-point Calibration Method for Imaging Light and Color Measurement DeviceDavid R. Jenkins
December 13, 20056,975,775Stray Light Correction Method for Imaging Light and Color Measurement SystemRonald Rykowski, Douglas F. Kreysar