Working at Radiant

Regardless of your role, you will have opportunities that will astound, challenge and empower you.

Radiant is a world leader for developing test and measurement systems that ensure quality for our customers in a range of industries. We engineer light measurement technology, assembly verification, and surface inspection solutions for high end products requiring the ultra high precision our technology provides. That may make the complex and exciting work we do sound pretty simple - but it’s not. The world is constantly changing and there’s never a dull moment when it comes to serving our global customers. We are constantly evolving to keep pace with our customers, driven to innovate and achieve what hasn't been accomplished before.

We're a dedicated, hard-working team that spans the globe, and we strive to inspire and support each other in our daily work. Living each day to our core values is what it's all about ...

  • Open & Honest: We conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism in all manners of business and personal transactions, as demonstrated through the consistency of our words, actions and intent. This level of open and honest communication develops partnerships and sustains mutual trust.
  • Customer-Centric: We put our customers first, with a commitment to continuous improvement. Our focus is to work tirelessly to fully understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.
  • Innovative: Driven by innovation, we question conventional approaches through new and creative ideas that lead to products, technology and services that deliver solutions to our customers and throughout the workplace.
  • Passionate: Passionate about our work, we inspire and strive for excellence in making impactful contributions to the organization, our customers, and our colleagues. We pass that passion on to others.
  • Inclusive & Collaborative: The power of inclusiveness and collaboration with our customers and each other is the mechanism by which we achieve our goals while inspiring commitment, pride and trust. We work together across the organization as a team and as positive role models.
  • Accountable: Individually and collectively we are accountable to ensuring our actions and work is in concert with the collective sustainability of our business and needs of the customer.


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