Radiant Zemax Announces the Sale of Zemax

REDMOND, Washington, USA – October 24, 2014 -- Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of integrated systems for light and color measurement, announces the sale of its Zemax optical design software business unit to Arlington Capital Partners. The company’s current VP - Zemax, Dr. Mark Nicholson, has been named Zemax CEO.

Radiant Imaging and Zemax Development Corporation merged in 2011 to form Radiant Zemax under the ownership of Evergreen Pacific Partners. The merger brought together complementary technologies and enabled Zemax to invest heavily in its flagship product, OpticStudio, which has delivered unprecedented growth for Zemax. During this time, Zemax has built a leadership and development team, expanded its global sales capability, and developed a platform for future growth. As an independent, stand-alone business, Zemax will focus on its core customers and technology.

Newly appointed Zemax CEO Mark Nicholson is a 20-year veteran of the company. “We have an exciting, ambitious roadmap for the Zemax product group,” he states, “and a sharp team that positions us for success.”

“The team has worked very hard to build a foundation for future Zemax growth and continued product innovation. I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for both the Zemax and Radiant businesses”, commented Paul Caragher, Radiant Zemax CEO.

The Radiant side of the business will continue to operate as Radiant Zemax in the near term, focused on its solutions portfolio which includes integrated imaging systems to measure light and color in flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, LEDs, and other light sources. Radiant continues to make significant investments to expand its applications and grow its team.

About Zemax
Zemax, LLC, based in Redmond, WA, USA, is built on the Zemax ray tracing core originally developed by Dr. Ken Moore in 1991. Today Zemax delivers optical and illumination design software, training and support services that set the standards for the optical and illumination design industry. Zemax is unmatched as the preferred design platform for optical and illumination researchers, engineers, designers and students around the world.

About Radiant Zemax
World leaders in lighting and display devices turn to Radiant Zemax test and measurement systems to ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Based in Redmond, WA, Radiant Zemax product lines include TrueTest automated visual inspection for display systems and ProMetric imaging colorimeters, photometers and light source measurement systems.

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