Advanced Vision Applications

Engineered with the acuity to measure subtle variations in light and color, Radiant’s advanced imaging systems are uniquely capable of detecting small, subtle flaws in complex assemblies and surfaces that are easily missed by traditional machine vision systems. Combining high resolution, broad dynamic range, and low noise, Radiant’s scientific-grade imaging systems capture images in fine detail to enable machine vision tools to be applied with ultimate precision.

Minute but meaningful contrast differences can be detected with greater acuity than the human eye, such as identifying slightly misrouted cables in assemblies or hairline gaps between keys and frames. Using uniformity tests originally developed for exacting display measurement inspection, our systems can also detect and quantify unpredictable defects in unprogrammed locations, such as anomalous surface variations that indicate cosmetic flaws and foreign particles on, in, or under part surfaces. Radiant's advanced vision systems automate human-caliber inspection on the production line, ensuring efficient process control, quantifiable data, and defect-free products.

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