Leadership Team

Driving our commitment to delivering high-performance solutions, Radiant's leadership team is a highly-experienced group that includes industry pioneers and experts in our key markets and regions. With complementary backgrounds from within the technology and manufacturing sectors, they lend a high level of expertise and mentorship to both the customer and employee experience.

Hitoshi Kamezawa, Chief Executive Officer

Hitoshi Kamezawa, CEO

Hitoshi Kamezawa is the CEO of Radiant Vision Systems and General Manager of the Konica Minolta Sensing business unit. An established leader with an extensive career at Konica Minolta, he provides strategic and operational direction to Radiant and the global Sensing organization.

Named General Manager of the Sensing Division in 2015, Kamezawa has been instrumental to its growth since joining Konica Minolta in 1985. He has held leadership roles in R&D and business development for the company’s healthcare and 3D measurement units, bringing a comprehensive knowledge of the product lines stemming from years of hands-on engineering and development work.

Kamezawa received an Engineering degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tokyo University, where he studied mechanical engineering and robotics. He has published several papers on the subject of 3D measuring and 3D data processing technologies, and has been granted 8 patents in the US and Japan.

Douglas Kreysar, Executive Vice President and Chief Solutions Officer

Douglas Kreysar, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Solutions Officer, Doug heads Radiant’s engineering, product development, operations, and marketing teams to ensure the successful implementation of customer solutions worldwide. Under his direction, Radiant’s optical technologies for light and color measurement have become known as the gold standard for production applications.

With a background that includes engineering, physics, and management, Doug has overseen multiple departments at Radiant since joining the company in 2000 - spanning production and finance to marketing. Prior to Radiant, Kreysar was head of the optical design group at North American Lighting, Inc. (NAL), a major automotive exterior lighting supplier.

Doug earned a B.S. in Physics from Vanderbilt University, and an M.S. in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is the author of multiple technical papers and a regular speaker for organizations including the Society for Information Display (SID). He has been the recipient of an Excellence in Oral Presentation Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers. Doug holds eight US patents.

Stone Jiang, VP, Global Sales and General Manager of China

Stone Jiang, General Manager, Radiant Vision Systems China

Stone Jiang oversees Radiant’s China and Korea teams, responsible for business development, sales, and support for the company’s Asia-based strategic accounts. He also manages all general operations in the region, including finance, HR, and application engineering. Since joining the company in 2012, Jiang has been central to the growth of Radiant’s China business, which includes many of the world’s top brands and their manufacturing partners.

Stone's background includes extensive business development experience in high-tech applications, sales and marketing. Prior to joining Radiant, Stone, as General Manager of Greater China at Orbis, played a leadership role introducing RF and machine vision solutions to the telecom industry in China. He also served as China General Manager of Keithley Instrument Inc., and held roles at Electroglas Inc., and Schlumberger Automatic Test Equipment.

Stone earned his M.S. in Electrical & Electronics from Beijing University of Technology and an E.M.B.A from Guanghua Business School of Beijing University.

Kazuo Ishii, Vice President of Business Administration

Stone Jiang, General Manager, Radiant Vision Systems China

As Vice President of Business Administration, Kazuo oversees all Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, and Information Technology activities, and fosters close coordination of key functions with our parent company, Konica Minolta, Inc. (KM).  He comes to Radiant as the latest step in a 20-year global career within KM in wide-ranging roles including: Treasurer of Konica Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. based in North Carolina, and Senior Manager of KM’s Corporate Business Management Division, where he was responsible for budgeting, investment, mergers and acquisition strategy, and post-merger integration. 

He was instrumental in the establishment of KM Photo Imaging in Russia, serving as Director of Administration for the company, and for KM Business Technologies in Malaysia, where he served as Director & General Manager. He brings with him experience in the photography, copier, health care, optics, ink jet, and sensing technology businesses. He earned his degree in Business and Commerce from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.

Hubert Kostal, Vice President of Business Development

Hubert Kostal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Dr. Hubert Kostal leads business development for Radiant’s strategic accounts. Since joining Radiant in 2007, he has been a key driver in the transition of imaging colorimetry technologies from the lab to the production floor, helping top global brands optimize their production process and improve product quality.

Hubert brings extensive international experience in high technology engineering, marketing, and sales to Radiant. He has held leadership roles in both start-up and established technology companies, including APIC (Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits), NanoOpto Corp., SpectraSwitch Corp, TranSwitch Corp., and Lucent Technologies. 

Hubert received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at El Paso, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin. A leading expert on the topic of automated visual inspection, his papers on the subject can be found in international technical and trade publications. He has been awarded two patents.

Jens Jensen, Vice President of Product Development

Jens Jensen, Directof of Product Development

Jens has spent decades working in the field of photometric and colorimetric calibration and testing, developing precision solutions for light and color measurement, and is Radiant’s technical leader for 2D colorimeters and photometers. He is the author of 10 technical notes published by The Danish Illuminating Engineering Laboratory (LTL), has published multiple peer-reviewed articles and reports, and presented at international conference sessions on topics such as FLCD, motion controllers for lighting systems, low luminance and contrast measurement, 2D measurement of dynamic and static luminance of color artifacts, and mura detection and measurement.

Jens is a member of the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM), and currently chairs the Uniformity sub-committee. He has also presented at the Society for Information Display (SID) Annual Symposium.

Jens earned his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Naval Architecture at the Technical University of Denmark. Prior to joining Radiant, he worked at DELTA Light & Optics for 23 years, with roles as Senior Engineer and as Technical Lead of the company’s DANAK-accredited Photometric and Colorimetric laboratory.

Carrie Bossert, Director of Finance

Carrie Bossert, Director of Finance

Carrie Bossert, CPA, heads Radiant’s financial operations, including strategy, accounting and reporting, and compliance. As a subsidiary of publicly held Konica Minolta, Inc. (TSE: 4902), Radiant is required to conform to both internal corporate controls, international subsidiary rules, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) regulations, as well as revenue recognition to IFRS Standards and GAAP. Carrie adeptly manages a team of finance and accounting professionals to satisfy these requirements.

Prior to joining Radiant, Carrie worked as Controller for both public and privately held entities in various other industries, including high-tech (software and online medical publishing), and bio-tech (gene synthesis). Carrie graduated from Central Washington University with a B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration, specializing in Behavioral Management. She holds a current C.P.A. license in the State of Washington, and is a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants (WSPCA).

Tom Darby, Director of Operations

Tom Darby, Director of Operations

Tom Darby has been with Radiant since 2011, heading the company’s operations in manufacturing production, global logistics, inventory, and supply chain management. He manages a team of production personnel, including assembly and test technicians who work in the Radiant clean room assembling, calibrating, and testing our precision camera and lens products. During his time with Radiant, Tom has brought Six Sigma discipline to our operations, managed the growth of the team to keep pace with an expanding number of products and increasing customer orders, and collaborated with development engineers to implement automated calibration systems. He oversaw the successful relocation of Radiant’s operations to a new location in early 2018.

Before joining Radiant, Tom spent a decade as Production Manager for Circuit Partners, an electrical manufacturing firm. He is skilled in the approaches of Lean Manufacturing, 5S, and Continuous Improvement. Tom graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management from DeVry University.

Andy Blowers, Director of Advanced Vision Engineering

Andy Blower, Director of Advanced Vision Engineering

At Radiant, Andy leads a team of engineers pushing the boundaries of traditional machine vision by applying photometric-based imaging to create solutions for some of the most challenging visual inspection problems. With expertise in color image processing, machine vision algorithm development, and system architecture, he is helping to define the emerging field of Advanced Vision.

Andy received his B.S. in Information Technology at De Montfort University and continued on to earn his Ph.D. in Machine Vision from that UK institution. He started his career at Integral Vision, moving up from Applications Engineer to Chief Technical Officer. During his 17 years there, he led the development of a system capable of testing new display technologies such as LCOS, MEMS, OLED, ePaper, and LCD, that included full motion for automatic operation, cameras, spectrometers, power meters, photo diodes, specialized optics and lighting, and electrical testing equipment.

Andy also co-developed Industrial Vision Controller (IVC), a rapid application development tool focused on the test and inspection industry. He holds a U.S. Patent (No. 6298474) for a method for interactive graphic control flow structure for machine vision systems. Following two lead technical roles in the optical test and inspection industry, Andy joined Radiant in 2015.

Tudor Coray, Director of Human Resources & Talent Management

Tudor Coray, Director of Human Resources

Tudor joined Radiant Vision Systems in 2015 and holds the position of Director of Human Resources and Talent Management. Since joining Radiant, Tudor has focused on leading the employee benefit programs, professional growth programs, organizational design, employee engagement initiatives, and recruiting. Tudor is helping accelerate Radiant’s growth transformation through leadership, attracting and developing the best talent and building a culture of engagement.

Tudor comes from a background of HR and Recruiting spanning 25 years. She has worked for local companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile and Intellectual Ventures. Before coming to Seattle in 2006, Tudor worked for both larger and start-up companies which included Nielsen Entertainment, Warner Bros. Studios and Cyrano Sciences.

Tudor has been involved in HR professional organizations such as SHRM Executive and has spoken at various HR professional seminars throughout her career. In addition, she acts as a mentor to young HR professionals and continues to provide coaching to past employees as they develop their careers. She attended the Basingstoke School of Business in England where she studied International Business and HR.