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Automated Visual Inspection and Correction (Demura) of OLED Displays

The Radiant Vision Systems solution for OLED inspection and correction helps manufacturers of OLED devices improve product quality and yield. A ProMetric® imaging colorimeter or photometer provides the high optical resolution necessary to measure OLED displays on the pixel and sub-pixel level. With TrueTest™ analysis software, these measurements can be used to correct individual display pixels. This process, referred to as “demura,” adjusts the luminance and/or chromaticity of each OLED pixel to produce displays with an entirely uniform appearance.

In this technical note, you will learn:

  • Methods for measuring luminance and chromaticity of all pixels in high-resolution OLED displays
  • System for quantifying the exact correction coefficients to address pixel-level non-uniformity
  • Demura method for adjusting pixel luminance values
  • Adaptable solutions for various OLED pentile structures, moiré patterns, and gamma inconsistency


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