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Measuring Pulse-Width Modulated Sources

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Pulse-width modulation is a useful method to control the luminance of LED bulbs for lighting and display applications. However, sources with PWM can be difficult to measure accurately. Radiant's application engineering team recently performed a series of tests to determine the most effective way to measure pulse-width modulated sources using a ProMetric® I16 Imaging Colorimeter and TrueTest™ Software.

This How-To Guide outlines the results of the study. In it you'll learn how to adapt measurement parameters, including 

  • Determining how much of an effect PWM is having on on your measurements
  • A method of averaging luminance values to correct for the impact of PWM
  • Techniques for adjusting exposure times, duty cycle, f/# and more to mitigate the effect of PWM and obtain accurate measurements


LED diode_blue

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