Metrology and Quality Control of MicroLED Displays

MicroLED Presentation (MIA)

There are multiple stages in the microLED fabrication process and assembly of microLED displays, from epitaxy through mass transfer to final device assembly. At each step in the process there are inspection steps that must be taken to ensure the quality of the finished products. In this presentation, Radiant's Andrew Munro focuses on microLED display metrology in the later stages of panel fabrication, assembly, and final QC. Achieving a uniform appearance and performance for microLED displays is a significant quality challenge for emissive displays such as MicroLED and microOLED. Variable luminance and chromaticity (mura) and pixel defects can result in manufacturing rework or waste. Radiant will discuss various approaches used for visual inspection and correction / repair (demura) of panels and displays. 

Originally presented by invitation at the MicroLED Industry Association Meeting, February 15, 2024

MicroLED Presentation (MIA)

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