Replicating Human Vision for XR Display Testing: A Flexible Optical Solution for In-Headset Measurement

Webinar: Replicating Human Vision for XR Display Testing

In extended reality (XR) devices such as VR headsets and AR smart glasses, display quality is determined by the user’s perception of the display as it is observed within the unique viewing parameters of the device’s design. Called “near-eye displays,” XR displays are viewed from close proximity to provide immersive experiences. This viewing proximity is common across XR devices, but display technologies, projection methods, and headset hardware continue to evolve. New display test equipment is needed to address more diverse viewing conditions—different angular fields of view (FOV), resolutions, focus ranges, and hardware form factors that determine how each display is experienced. Visual inspection solutions must provide more flexibility to continue to capture meaningful details seen from the user’s perspective, using imaging and optics to evaluate display quality from the intended near-eye viewing position. 

In this webinar with Engineering360 (GlobalSpec), Optics Development Manager Eric Eisenberg discusses scientific imaging systems that emulate human vision for visual test and measurement of XR displays, and introduces a new XR test system that incorporates flexibility in its optical design—electronic focus control, FOV options, and “folded” (“periscope”) geometries to accommodate different XR device focus ranges, display specifications, and form factors. 

Watch the presentation to learn about:

  • XR displays: Visualization parameters and quality considerations
  • Test & measurement systems that emulate the human eye in XR headsets 
  • Measurement challenges posed by new XR device designs and capabilities
  • New flexible measurement optics that simplify display testing across XR devices

An audience Q&A with presenter Eric Eisenberg, Optics Development Manager at Radiant Vision Systems, follows the presentation.

Webinar: Replicating Human Vision for XR Display Testing

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