Short Course: Fundamentals of Display Metrology

Short Course: Fundamentals of Display Metrology

With so much of a device’s value in its display, investment in display development and manufacturing is high, and accuracy and efficiency are critical. Display metrology provides an objective understanding of a display’s quality and performance through data, supplying tools for innovation and evaluation to safeguard manufacturing investment. Display metrology employs scientific methods and equipment to capture and assess quantitative values of a display’s output such as luminance, color, uniformity, and contrast. Display test systems range in their function, application, and unique advantages, and are rapidly evolving to address measurement for never-before-seen display types, shapes, and integrations.

This short course will provide a fundamental understanding of display metrology and introduce measurement equipment and techniques from leaders in the field. Topics include the science of light and color, units of measurement, measurement standards, metrology systems from spot meters to imaging equipment, test methods to address display performance parameters from mura to pixel uniformity to flicker, and the latest metrology solutions for testing emerging displays from microLED to AR/VR devices.

Originally presented as part of the 2021 Display Week virtual event program, Short Course S2 on May 20, 2021.

Presented by Jens Jensen, Vice President of Product Development at Radiant Vision Systems; Dr. Reto Häring, Vice President Customer Solutions at Instrument Systems GmbH; Yutaka Maeda, Business Development Lead at Konica Minolta.

Short Course: Fundamentals of Display Metrology

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