CES 2023: A Wrap-Up of Wrap-Ups

Anne Corning

If you missed out on any of CES 2023 in Las Vegas—billed as “the most influential tech event in the world”—never fear! Here is a collection of some of the best of the best wrap-ups and reviews of the products and trends from North America’s largest consumer electronics show.


As a mainstay entertainment device in almost every household, televisions always capture a lot of attention at CES. The trend toward higher-resolution, more pixel-dense displays continues across the board with OLED panels and 4K resolution seemingly becoming the new standards for mid- to high-range TVs. Learn more:

In microLED, some of the biggest news at CES was Samsung’s line of advanced screens, capped off by a super-sized 140” microLED television. Samsung also continues to progress with its “QLED” technology using a quantum dot layer in front of an LED backplane. Learn more:

A sneak peak at Samsung’s microLED televisions, which reportedly offer a higher-quality viewing experience than either OLED or QLED—for a price.


CES has always been a place to check out the latest prototypes and futuristic automotive concepts, and this year was no different. For example, the first protype car to emerge from Sony’s partnership with Honda, now under the brand name Afeela, will be available for pre-order in 2025. The Afeela features 45 sensors, a digital display on the front bumper, and a Lidar system for autonomous driving. Learn more:

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Afeela EV_Sony_Honda Mobility

The Afeela EV model, coming in 2026 from Sony and Honda Mobility (Image © Afeela).


The last several years has brought an explosion of unique phone form factors and screen flexibility such as foldable and rollable models. While much of the smart phone market is focusing attention on the upcoming Mobile World Congress, there was still some interesting new phone technology on display at CES 2023. Learn more…

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AR/VR/MR Technology

No surprise, the metaverse and XR devices were everywhere. Stay tuned for a future blog post that will dive deeper into new developments in that industry. But in the meantime, learn more:

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HTC Vive XR Elite

The new HTC Vive XR Elite VR headset.

Devices Galore

From new smart home systems to sophisticated health wearables, from gaming systems to robot dogs, medical devices to just-plain-wacky product ideas, CES didn’t disappoint with this year’s crop of devices of every kind. Learn more:

Pyxel robotic dog

There were so many robot dogs and pets at the show, they're practially their own product category now. This Pyxel robot dog is designed to help kids learn coding as they program the toy to do tricks and light up. (Photo: Kyle Barr/Gizmondo).


Two themes showed up repeatedly across multiple segments and industries represented at CES: artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability. Some AI applications run behind the scenes, such as televisions with AI to optimize picture quality by adjusting dynamic range, color, and more. And many AI products aim to make our lives easier and safer, from self-driving strollers to a smart watch that helps the user manage their self-care. Learn more: 

On the sustainability front, green technology, products, and operations were spotlighted on multiple fronts. The show’s organizers, the Consumer Technology Association launched a new Sustainability Panel, while many green products were on display. For example, Lightyear’s solar-powered EV promises to sell for just $40,000 when it launches (you can get on the waitlist now). Learn more:

induction cooktop

Gas stoves vs. induction cooktops is a hot debate in the news currently with induction being touted for better safety, health impact, and sustainability. Some induction models were on display at CES 2023. (Image © Impulse)

All of these intesting new products and technology for work, home, transport, health, and entertainment will no doubt keep analysts and consumers talking for the rest of this year. We look forward to seeing what innovations CES 2024 will bring, a mere 11.5 months from now!


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