More Ways to Measure XR Displays

Anne Corning
SID Display Week 2023

Will we see you at SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angles? Radiant will be there May 23-25 (Booth #801) showing multiple measurement and inspection solutions for flat-panel displays, automotive displays, and surfaces. Additionally, we will be showing four—count 'em four—different solutions to address the broad range of AR/VR/MR (collectively XR) device optics:

  • The AR/VR Lens, one of the first solutions of its kind on the market back in 2018, it was designed specifically to meet the needs of near-eye display measurement. Its important innovation was placing the aperture at the front of the lens to replicate the human eye's position in a headset. With a field of view (FOV) of ± 60° the AR/VR Lens solution with TT-ARVR™ Software is particularly effective at measuring immersive displays such as VR headsets.
  • Our newer XRE Lens, released in 2022, offers two configuration options, folded ("periscope") and non-folded, enabling it to be used to inspect a wide range of near-eye devices and integration requirements. For example, it can be used for dual-eye measurement. The lens also features automated electronic focus that enables focus to be controlled via software for rapid adjustment and accurate testing of through-focus MTF. It has an FOV of ± 35° and can come in camera resolutions of 29 MP, 45 MP, or 61 MP.
  • With its flexible, modular design, the XRE Lens also enables Radiant to provide a range of Tailored XR Lens configurations to meet the specific needs of different customer applications—much quicker and less expensively than traditional custom-designed lens solutions. At Display Week we'll be showing two examples of Tailored XR Lenses: one with 23 FOV and one periscope design with 57 FOV.
Examples of Tailored XR Lenses


To learn more about the optical challenges of XR display measurement and how leading device manufacturers are meeting R&D and production quality inspection needs using Radiant solutions, watch the webinar "Addressing the Measurement Challenges of XR Device Optics: Displays, Lenses, and Waveguides," available on demand from Photonics Media. And we hope to see you in LA!

Watch the Webinar: XR Optics Measurement


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