Radiant at 30 – Staff Stories: Continuing Innovation

Hoyt Yang
Hoyt Yang_headshot

Hoyt Yang joined Radiant’s China team in 2011 and is based out of the Shanghai Office. 

I joined Radiant as an application engineer. At the time there were only six employees in China; it was right before we opened the first China office in Shanghai. My main job was to install cameras and make sure they were set up to work correctly at customer factory sites. In the early days, if we were working with a VIP customer on tight schedules, we sometimes had to stay overnight to solve a technical problem!

Since then, under the leadership of Stone [Jiang, VP of Global Sales and China General Manager], Radiant China has developed very fast—we’ve worked with some important customers and developed competitive applications for the market, such as AOI (automated optical inspection) solutions for LCDs and new OLED demura (display uniformity measurement and correction) solutions. 

Working At the Edge of Innovation

I don't like boring and repetitive work; I like to solve new technical challenges. That’s why I enjoy working at Radiant—we are given new and challenging technical requirements from customers and the solution to each problem is different. I prefer working in this kind of customer-centric and innovative environment where I can continue to learn. 

Radiant has a lot of smart physics majors and employees with strong experience in optical applications, like Gary [Pedeville, on the engineering team]. Working with them I can learn quickly. At the same time, our customers are continually developing new products so I also learn from them about new features and core technical requirements. 

It is very satisfying to combine Radiant's products and capabilities to meet the technical needs of customers—creating new applications and products that the world hasn’t seen before. 

Hoyt Yang_Stone Forest

Hoyt at the famous Stone Forest in Kunming, China, at Radiant’s 2018 All-Asia Team Event.

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