Radiant at 30 – Staff Stories: Witnessing Asia Growth

Tailen Huang
Tailen Huang 2011

Tailen in Shenzhen, 2011.

Tailen Huang joined Radiant in 2011. He works on the Radiant sales team out of our Shenzhen, China office.

When I first joined in December 2011, the company was preparing to establish the first Radiant China office. There weren’t many China employees at the time—this was the entire China team when we opened the Shanghai office in early 2012:

Shanghai Office 2012

Opening the Shanghai office in 2012, the first Radiant office in China.

I started as an application engineer, mainly responsible for on-site calibration, training, maintenance, and support for our customers. As the company developed, my responsibilities expanded to include leading new projects, doing customer product demonstrations, and more. It’s cool to see all the changes at Radiant over the last 10 years. 

Team Spirit

When I was a student, I enjoyed playing football [called soccer in the U.S.]. But when I joined Radiant, there were only a few people working in the Shenzhen region so we couldn’t play football together. But after the establishment of the Shenzhen office in 2015, we finally had enough employees to make two football teams. 

I remember the first time we played football together, I scored several goals, which brought me back to my school days and fired up my motivation. After the game we all had dinner together, which was a lot of fun.

Shenzhen Football

Radiant employees playing football [soccer] in Shenzhen.

Expanding Asia Team

The Radiant China/Asia teams have continued to grow. Every year, all China- and Asia-based employees gather all together in one location to hold our All-Asia Annual Meeting—places such as Thailand or Kunming [China]. We do team building and sports activities and visit tourist sites. The number of employees at the annual meetings keeps growing!

Asia team basketball_2018

Radiant Asia employees played basketball at the annual meeting in 2018.

Asia team meeting 2018

Asia employees gathering in 2018.

Over the years it’s been rewarding to see Radiant China grow step by step. Back in the beginning we were only a few people. Now, our employees are located all over mainland China, in places such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc. Wherever the customers are, Radianteers are there too. The number of clients we serve has also grown from a few in the beginning to a large number now. 

Expanding International Manufacturing & Service Capabilities

In July 2021, Radiant opened a new office facility in Suzhou—it is the first factory Radiant has established outside of the U.S. It includes a full cleanroom where we manufacture and repair Radiant equipment and provide regional support to customers operating in China and Asia. I’m honored to have witnessed this big development!

2021 Radiant Suzhou Office Grand Opening

Suzhou team members at the grand opening of Radiant’s new Suzhou office and factory facility in 2021.

Suzhou celebration

Sharing cake and refreshments to celebrate the opening of the Suzhou factory, 2021.

What I enjoy about being part of Radiant is working with colleagues from different countries and regions, with different experiences, knowledge, and different beliefs—I learn a lot from them. With our “One Team” spirit [unifying Radiant sales and operations teams across the U.S., China, and around the globe], I have confidence that our collaboration will lead to winning more and more projects, which I like to see!


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