Tech Tip: Camera Recalibration

Bret Stonebridge

When you drive a new car off the lot, you expect that it will require periodic maintenance throughout its lifetime to ensure it performs at its very best. Much like a car or other sophisticated machinery, we recommend regular recalibrations of your Radiant colorimeters and photometers.

Recalibration finetunes the camera to ensure continued operation within our specifications and tolerances. Neglecting regular recalibration for long periods of time can result in debris and dust particles in the camera, dead pixels, out of spec performance, and moisture retention. 

Here are the most frequently asked camera calibration questions, with answers from the Radiant Support Team:

1. How often do I need a new factory recalibration?

We highly recommend annual factory calibrations to ensure peak performance. As with all precision instruments, Radiant Vision Systems imaging colorimeters require regular calibration to keep them performing within specifications and tolerances. Without calibration, values may “drift” and become less accurate depending on the use and environment of the colorimeter.

Recalibrations also help uphold standards, such as government and military specifications, to stay within compliance.

2. Where are recalibrations performed?

Recalibrations are done in our factory headquarters in Redmond, WA or in our Shanghai, China service facility. We use unique, specifically-designed equipment for each calibration. The capital equipment utilized by Radiant Vision Systems represents our significant commitment to ensure the continued high quality of our products. This equipment requires operation by only specially-trained individuals. Our colorimeters are NIST-traceable and recalibrations help ensure they remain as such.

3. What is the full scope of work that is done when I send my camera in for recalibration? 

When cameras are sent in to us, they are recalibrated for the following:

i. Confirm cooling system is operational

ii. Confirm camera-to-PC communications

iii. Electronic settings adjustment

iv. Dark frame calibration

v. Confirm extremely low noise level

vi. Medium-term repeatability

vii. Linearity calibration of image sensor response over luminance range

viii. Color shift calibration

ix. Flat-field calibration

x. Luminance and Illuminant A color calibration

4. How long does recalibration take? 

Recalibration typically takes 3-5 business days upon arrival at our facility.

5. I need to send my camera in for service, but cannot stop production. How can I recalibrate my camera without stopping production?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will work with you to find a workable solution. Please let us know about your specific needs!


Have other questions? Call or email our Support Team for one-on-one technical guidance: 

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Phone: +1 (425) 298-2141

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