Measuring Light and Color on AR/VR Displays: Interview with Radiant Vision Systems

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Augmented, virtual and merged/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) devices, collectively referred to as extended reality (XR), present unique challenges for developers and manufacturers. With a wide array of special optical and display components--including waveguides, lenses, displays, and sensing systems--they require specialized tools for measurement and quality testing. Working alongside some of the leading AR/VR device makers in the industry, Radiant has responded to this need with unique solutions for display test and measurement, including our AR/VR Lens solution, released in 2018, and our newest XRE Lens solution.

In conjunction the second annual AR/VR Display Forum hosted by DSCC, Radiant's Optics Development Manager Eric Eisenberg sat down for an interview. In it he discusses the unique challenges of measuring AR/VR displays and how those challenges can be addressed using imaging systems and software.


Published in Display Daily on September 20, 2022


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