CP Industries Delivers Turnkey Test Systems for Head-Up Display Windshield Glass Using ProMetric® Imaging Photometers and TT-HUD™ Software


With a decades-long legacy delivering end-to-end assembly and test systems to the automotive market, CP Industries is well-positioned to address windshield glass inspection to meet growth in head-up display (HUD) integrations. Exacting requirements from HUD glass customers include industry-standard and OEM-specified test parameters and calculations to ensure the integrity of HUD projections through glass. CP Industries chose Radiant Vision Systems' HUD measurement platform to replace machine vision systems in its HUDSON windshield glass test system, leveraging standard HUD analyses built into Radiant cameras and software to optimize efficiency in terms of development time and complexity.

In this Case Study, you will learn about:

  • HUD glass inspection: Geometic measurements used to evaluate distortion, ghosting, and other visual quality issues introduced by windshield form, lamination, layer thickness, and wedge angle
  • Benefits of the Radiant HUD measurement system over machine vision systems for HUD measurement
  • How choosing Radiant's ProMetric® Imaging Photometer and TT-HUD™ Software enables CP Industries to meet all HUD test requirements out of the box and pass on shorter lead times and improved functionality to their customers

Want to learn more? Watch a video to hear the story from the CP Industries team.


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