XRE Lens Solution for XR Display Testing

Presentation - XRE Lens Introduction

The landscape of AR, VR, MR—or extended reality (XR)—devices and their optical designs make it difficult to evaluate display quality using standard test & measurement optics. Beyond the need to replicate the human eye position in headsets and smart glasses, XR display test systems must address various fields of view, display resolutions, focal distances, device form factors, and more. In many cases, manufacturers turn to costly custom optics to accommodate their specific measurement requirements.

To provide a more efficient solution and address a broader range of unique parameters, Radiant offers a solution for in-headset display testing with more flexible configurations and features—including electronic focus, folded or "periscope" geometries, dual-eye (stereoscopic) measurement capability, and the highest imaging resolution options.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • The Fundamental Characteristics of an XR Measurement System
  • The Challenge with Addressing Diversity in XR Devices
  • The Solution: XRE Lens
  • Software & Automation Examples
  • Solution Specifications 
Presentation - XRE Lens Introduction

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