Product Demo: Radiant’s Complete Solution for Head-Up Display Testing

Video - Product Demo: Head-Up Display Testing

Engineered in response to OEM and supplier testing requirements, Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution to enable fully automated testing of head-up displays (HUD) in automotive and other integrations. In this video, Bret Stonebridge from Radiant demonstrates how a ProMetric® Imaging Photometer, electronically controlled lens, and TT-HUD™ Software enable rapid, automated visual inspection of HUD projections and virtual images. Using this solution, all qualities of optical HUD performance can be tested simultaneously, including the qualities of variable-distance projections as in AR-HUD systems.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • Radiant’s complete solution for HUD measurement and inspection
  • TT-HUD software test suite for optical performance evaluation based on brightness, color, contrast, MTF, ghosting, distortion, eyebox, and more
  • Using electronically controlled lenses and Radiant software to rapidly focus to variable-distance projections and automatically calculate virtual image distances in real-distance units
Video - Product Demo: Head-Up Display Testing

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