Addressing the Measurement Challenges of XR Device Optics: Displays, Lenses, and Waveguides

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Today's AR/VR/MR (collectively XR) developers and manufacturers are working with a wide array of devices such as headsets, helmets, goggles, and smart glasses. New technologies and innovative optics continue to emerge—from microLED microdisplays to waveguides, from metasurfaces to liquid lenses. Combinations of these components have yielded an array of device architectures. Different optics, form factors, and imaging systems are used to address multiple different use cases. 

Yet all near-eye devices (NEDs) share a single goal: Enable high-performance visualization for the human user. Optical defects and deviations at any point in the component architecture must be tested out to ensure this goal is met. To achieve visual quality performance, XR display makers need quality measurement solutions that are flexible enough to enable rapid prototyping and design iterations, yet also highly accurate and capable of production-line inspection speeds. 

A variety of display test approaches are needed to address more diverse viewing conditions—different angular fields of view (FOV), resolutions, focus ranges, and hardware form factors that determine how each display is experienced. While a display module may require inspection of pixel-level defects, projected images must be evaluated for brightness, sharpness of focus, distortion, aberration, and other qualities. At the final stages of production, measurement equipment must be able to evaluate the complete FOV as it will be seen by the user within a headset.

In this webinar presented by Photonics Media, Radiant's Senior Regional Sales Manager, Mike Caputo, discusses:

  • XR optical components: measurement needs and challenges
  • XR displays: visualization parameters and quality considerations
  • Test & measurement systems that emulate the human eye in XR headsets
  • Measurement challenges posed by new and emerging XR device designs and capabilities
  • Flexible measurement optics that simplify display testing across XR devices

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