Replicating Human Vision for Accurate Testing of AR/VR Displays



Near-eye displays – like those used in augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed (MR) reality devices – project visual objects and information in close proximity to the human eye, sometimes encompassing the user’s entire angular field of view. This proximity not only magnifies display projections, but also enhances defects like non-uniformity, line and pixel defects, poor image clarity, and image positioning issues. To accurately test the quality of displays that are viewed so near to the eye, the measurement solution should take into account the position, limitations, and characteristics of the human eye, especially within the unique viewing environment of an AR/VR headset.

In this 30-minute webinar, host Eric Eisenberg, Applications Engineering Manager at Radiant, presents solutions for near-eye AR/VR display testing that replicate human vision for the most accurate evaluation of the user experience. Topics include:

  • Challenges of near-eye display measurement
  • Current display test methods and their limitations
  • Technologies that replicate human vision in AR/VR display measurement
  • Radiant’s integrated AR/VR measurement solution

An audience Q&A with the presenter follows the presentation.

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