Truly Automated Light and Color Measurement for Tell-Tales and Indicators


Evaluating the accuracy of light and color across instrument clusters is a challenge compounded by several factors. The number of indicators, the varying location of symbols, and the range of colors on a panel prove complex for automated inspection systems and human inspectors alike.

In this 45-minute webinar, Radiant Product Manager, Shannon Roberts, presents Auto-POI—a quick and easy tool for light and color measurement of multi-point inspection areas using an imaging colorimeter, enabling truly automated evaluation across entire instrument clusters.

  • Learn the fastest, most intuitive evaluation method for complex instrument clusters
  • Apply Automatic Points of Interest (Auto-POI) in software to measure all illuminated characters on a panel at once
  • Toggle between programmed luminance and color thresholds to evaluate symbol sets for cross-symbol uniformity and harmonization
  • Automatically register POI for all symbols, even when components are rotated or moved

An audience Q&A follows a demonstration of Auto-POI functionality in Radiant’s TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software.

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