WEBINAR: Medical AR/VR — Addressing the Hardware and Software Quality Test Challenges

Global Spec Medical ARVR Webinar

The use of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed/Merged Reality in the medical field offers new and exciting potential for enhancing many aspects of healthcare delivery—from VR training and patient treatments to AR-assisted surgeries. As a result, the AR/VR/MR (collectively XR) industry segment is booming, predicted to grow more than 42% CAGR through 2030. Since the early days of AR/VR systems, painstaking research and testing has been required to ensure safety and comfort for human users. XR headset displays project images directly in the wearer’s field of view. This means human visual perception is a critical determinant of device quality.

When AR/VR devices and software are intended for a medical environment, standards organizations such as the IEC and regulatory agencies such as the U.S. FDA have developed specifications to measure the quality of those systems. Developers and manufacturers of hardware and software products must conduct a range of optical and performance tests to measure their solutions against those specifications. In this webinar, we will discuss AR/VR product testing issues, explain the specifications and tests for medical XR systems, and describe successful approaches to ensure quality. Topics covered include:

  • The emerging landscape of medical AR/VR, key applications, trends, and considerations
  • The optical quality issues that can affect the performance of hardware devices and the software products that run on them
  • Performance and quality parameters such as luminance, color, and contrast for AR/VR devices and applications.
  • The latest tools and approaches for product testing being used to measure medical and healthcare AR/VR products and enable display and device manufacturers to improve quality and increase yields.

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