Efficient Measurement of Large Light Source Near-Field Color and Luminance Distributions for Optical Design and Simulation

White Paper

For optical design and product qualification, the output color and luminance distributions of large light sources are needed to qualify and predict the performance of architectural, automotive, street, security, entertainment and other lighting systems. However, these distributions are difficult to measure because of both the size of the source and the large space required for the measurement. For these lighting systems, measuring in the far field often requires a substantial distance – three meters or more is common – so that setting up the measurements in a controlled laboratory environment can be difficult and expensive. This guide explains how to ensure the most efficient measurment process for large light sources for optical design and simulation.

In this White Paper, you will learn about:

  • Challenges of measuring large light sources
  • Near-Field Goniometric Measurement Methodology using a Two-Axis Goniometer and Imaging Colorimeter
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