Resolution and Dynamic Range: How These Critical CCD Specifications Impact Imaging System Performance

White Paper

Resolution and dynamic range are two important specifications to be considered when evaluating the capabilities of an imaging colorimeter, yet they are easily misconstrued. The common assumption is that the higher the camera resolution, the higher the dynamic range, the better the image quality. Why then do some cameras with virtually identical specifications perform so differently? Upon closer scrutiny, the details of these specifications, the way they are reported by manufacturers, and the way they affect each other make them more complex than the simple definitions above. This paper will clarify these critical values to provide an improved understanding of their usage and implication for 2D imaging applications. This information is intended to help anyone evaluating an imaging colorimeter to determine the true functional performance of the system.

In this White Paper, you will learn about:

  • Definitions of Resolution and Dynamic Range
  • How Resolution and Dynamic Range Impact Capabilities of Imaging Colorimeters
  • How to Increase Signal-to-Noise Ratio
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