Surface Inspection

Surfaces & Cover Glass

Customers of today’s consumer electronics devices expect a flawless product out of the box. Scratched, dented, and otherwise imperfect products result in costly returns and may damage your brand’s reputation and future business. Quality control activities to prevent and detect surface defects rely largely on human inspectors. Humans can apply their acute visual perception and immediate judgment during production to ensure defective products are not shipped to consumers. However, the faster the production rate, more complex the product, or more obscure the defect, the more difficult it is for humans to keep up with throughput demands while adhering to the need for absolute quality.

Radiant ProMetric® Imaging Photometers are engineered to measure and detect subtle variations in light uniformity across illuminated components. Our solutions combine the speed and consistency of automation with the discernment of human vision. Using advanced photometric measurement capabilities, Radiant imagers are ideally suited for detecting anomalous features on surfaces and grading these defects based on their location, scope, and severity. You will experience all of the benefits of automated cosmetic inspection, including objective analysis and quantifiable results, and get the data you need for error tracking to improve production and operations. An extensive set of machine vision and photometric evaluation tools are also available for production-level monitoring and pass/fail test sequencing using Radiant’s TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software.

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